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Oral History interview with Dorothy and Ken Briggs - 2001

Dorothy and Ken Briggs are members of Woolgoolga library. Dorothy talks about the purpose built library building and the involvement of Woolgoolga Art Group in the project.

Oral History interview with Margaret Hivon - 2008 -2015

Margaret Hivon, Coordinator of the Wrap for love program in Coffs Harbour, talks about the library’s involvement in the program and its effect within the community.

Oral history interview with Janet Merriman - 1974 -1996

After 22 years of service, Janet Merriman retired as the Deputy Librarian. Janet shares her memories of Coffs Harbour Library separating from Clarence Regional Library Service and other events.

National Simultaneous Storytime - 2001

Coffs Harbour Library becomes involved in the annual campaign to promote the value of reading and literacy for young children throughout Australia.

Learning English as a second language - 2005

Coffs Harbour Library’s services and resources are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the community. English Language learning resources are provided to serve an increasingly diverse community of users.

The Digital divide and the library’s efforts to close the gap - 2012

As more and more government and business services have moved online there has been a growing demand for the skills of Librarians to help those separated by this digital divide.

Celebrating a Decade of Children’s Storytime - 2008

Coffs Harbour City Library marked 10 years of regular weekly storytime in 2008.

Remembering Harry Bailey - 2014

Coffs Harbour City Council’s central library is renamed The Harry Bailey Memorial Library in remembrance of long serving Councillor W. H. Bailey who died in 1965.

If a picture tells a thousand words….. - 2008

The Picture Coffs Harbour project started back in 2008 a few years after Coffs Harbour Museum was handed over to the Council following the disbanding of the Historical Society.

Was the Coffs Library moving to the National Mutual Building in 1996? - 1996

Coffs Harbour Library was searching for a new location following the expiration of its lease in Castle Street – was the National Mutual Building a good option?

Public Internet Access - 1996

Coffs Harbour Library’s journey to join the information super-highway began in 1996 with coin-operated internet access!

Home delivery for housebound library members - 1978

1978 saw the introduction of the Home Library Service, a service that brings the library to those in the community who are housebound.

Reopening of Woolgoolga Library in the Mud Brick Building - 1987

Once the bookmobile service was withdrawn, it was time to start thinking about a new library in Woolgoolga….a very small one!

Library outreach – Storytime in the City Centre - 2012

The library regularly conducts outreach storytime sessions to support local festivals and family activities in the City Centre.

Electronic resources then and now - 1985

The library’s first public access computer was purchased in 1985 – this story looks back at the early CD-ROM resources and reflects on the developments in electronic reference resources since then.

Coffs Library inundated with water! - 1996

November 23, 1996 saw Coffs Harbour City Library inundated with a 40cm wall of water which ruined over 11,000 items and resulted in the library being closed for a week.

Legal information now on offer! - 1993

Mayor John Smith opened a new legal information service at Coffs Harbour City Library on 16 August 1993.

How public libraries can help students - 2011

Coffs Harbour librarians explain how student teachers can benefit from public libraries.

Interview with Lorraine Gardiner - 1975

Lorraine Gardiner is a former staff member who first started working at a small branch at Sawtell Library in 1975 before moving to the Coffs Harbour branch in 1979.

Events at Coffs Harbour Libraries in 2013 - 2013

Libraries are more than just books – we’re busy, vibrant community hubs where people come together for informal learning and cultural enrichment.