Interview with Trish White

Trish White is one of our long standing library members whose love of books and libraries is well known. Trish first moved to Woolgoolga in the 1970’s where she had an interesting first experience with Woolgoolga Library where her children were encouraged to read the ‘pink books’ which turned out to be Mills & Boons! Luckily things improved and  Trish continues to use the library not just in  her pursuit of historical knowledge but also as a meeting place with her many friends.

Trish White’s interview covers the years 1978 – 2014.

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3 responses to “Interview with Trish White”

  1. Helga Jones says:

    Hello Trish, What a lovely surprise to find your oral library history utube in my Coffs Harbour Library email. I enjoyed it very much – it felt just like talking to you personally, you came through so warmly. Agree with all you said about books and libraries wholeheartedly, in my case because I was a very shy child and books were my magic carpet too. Still are! Book lovers unite! : )
    Have taken the liberty of forwarding the library email to Elizabeth (Bellingen) and Barbara (Penrith). I know they will be just as thrilled to hear all that you have to say as I was. With warmest wishes, Helga

  2. Jenny Moon says:

    Î know Trish and admire her courage in the face of great adversity. She Is a valuable member of U

  3. Jenny Moon says:

    Trish is a valuable member of our u 3a writing

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