Interview with Lorraine Vass

Lorraine Vass was the first professional librarian appointed at Coffs Harbour Library in 1977. Lorraine’s charismatic personality and her professionalism not only helped her promote the library within the community but her professional relations with the local media helped her win a national library promotion award for her TV segment on the Wayne Magee Show. Lorraine also developed the library’s programs for children, established the home library service for housebound residents and obtained new microfilm facilities. Library life during her time as branch librarian is recounted as is the growing Coffs Harbour community and its effect on library services. Lorraine also comments on library funding and the role of libraries now and into the future – ‘… libraries have always supported lifelong learning and they continue to do so’.


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2 responses to “Interview with Lorraine Vass”

  1. Jenny Moon says:

    Very interesting interview. Is Lorraine Vass still living in Coffs Harbour.

    • Enzo Accadia says:

      Hi Jenny, Lorraine now lives in Northern NSW, we were very fortunate to have her visit Coffs Harbour for our 50th Anniversary celebration in April 2014 and so took the opportunity to interview her. Regards, Enzo Accadia

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